"4pi" stands for interdisciplinarity and a holistic view.

Mathematical interpretation of 4π:
A rotation of 360 degrees in a circle is necessary for a full all-around view. An angle can also be specified in units of π. "2π" then corresponds to 360 degrees. This is true for a circle, i.e. in two dimensions. But we live in three-dimensional space. For a real all-round view, therefore, not a circle but a sphere is necessary. The surface of a sphere is "4π" multiplied by the radius. "4π" symbolizes a comprehensive way of thinking that considers all aspects of three-dimensional reality.

Physical interpretation of 4π:
In this interpretation, the Greek letter "π" represents exact mathematics. The number "4" symbolizes the four dimensions of space-time. These are the three dimensions of space plus the dimension of time. "4π" therefore includes the entire reality of the universe according to our understanding.